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Does essential oil work with emotions?
          We all know that our emotional & mental states rule our physical body.  Therefore, the true healing must start at the source; in other words, at the mental & emotional levels.

          Clearing an energy blockage requires identifying the underlying emotions, understanding the pattern, and, especially, learning the lesson—so as to avoid a repetition of the same pattern. Until we learn from an experience, we continue to recreate similar situations. Similar situations from the past will often resurface; many can be released simply by acknowledging them, others will require much more work.

          In my Energy healing practice I have had several encounters with those “hard to release” emotional patterns. Being fascinated by aromatherapy since my childhood, and knowing how much our emotions are connected with our sense of smell, I decided to experiment with essential oils as a tool to facilitate the release of those emotional patterns.          My goal was to alter the client state of consciousness during an energy work, using the high frequency of the essentials oils to open the subconscious doors and disengage the barriers that stop us from releasing our traumas. The oils oxygenate the cells and bring its blockages to the surface, ready to be released.

          Essential Oil molecules are the smallest molecules of all matter. (Less than 500 atomic mass units).  They have the ability to penetrate the so called “Blood-Brain Barrier.” When you inhale oil mole­cules into the back passages of your nose, they go straight to the brain in a central part called the amygdala or diencephalon, in other words: the headquar­ters of the limbic system.

          This system is the area of your brain that manages the storage and filing system for all your emotional experi­ences, much like in the same way the file manager in your computer manages your computer’s files. When we have an emotional experience, especially a traumatic or painful one, the amygdala assigns a part of your body to remember that experi­ence until you are ready to deal with it. Much like in the same way, that when we get our tax return in the mail, we file it to avoid having to deal with it right way. So, what happens if we keep our tax return filed and do not deal with it? We will get another notice in the mail, more expensive and more painful. In the same way, emotions that are not dealt with, keep repeating in our life, more and more painfully, until we become brave and learn to deal with them once and for all.

          Although we might not be very selective deciding where we are going to file our Tax Income Tax Return, (we just want to be rid of it) the amygdala has a very efficient file filing system. Because each organ of the human body has a specific vibrational frequency, and so does each emotion. The amygdala sends the emotion to be filed to a place in our body that matches the exact vibrational frequency of that specific emotion. That is why we carry Anger blockages in the liver Stress/Stomach), Stress blockages in the stomach, Fear blockages in the kidneys and so on. Those emotions that are not dealt with, sooner or later, will resurface, to give us another opportunity to learn from it. Furthermore, the blockages stored in our organs, glands and systems, lower our bodily vibrational frequency. When our bodily vibrational frequency drops below a certain point, disease may occur. What happens if we raise our body bodily frequency during energy work? The emotional blockage will disengage and come out to become amenable to healing.

          Dr. Rachel Sarah Herz, the Assistant Professor of Psychology at Brown University, researches the connection between the sense of smell and memory. She believes that the only way to stimulate the amygdala is with fragrance, or the sense of smell. The olfactory nerve synapses are routed almost directly into the amygdala, in the limbic system, which is associated with memory and emotion. She stated that her studies led her to believe that emotions are so linked to smell, that probably, if we did not have the sense of smell we would not have emotions. Probably that is why the smell of baking cookies brings back memories of our grandmother kitchen, or a lover’s fragrance takes us back to the past.

          Pure essential oils carry electrical charges, usually electrons or negatives ions, which are healing and healthful. Essential oils are also energetic. They generate nanovolts of electricity (billionths of a volt) at megahertz frequencies (that’s in the radio frequency range of millions of cycles per second.)

          We know essential oil characteristics, thanks to Tainio Technology, an independent division of Eastern State University in Cheny, Washington. Tainio has developed the first frequency monitor and had has done experiments measuring the frequency of different substances. Tainio’s experiment measured the frequency of several essential oils, and the result was just astonishing. For example: Rose oil has a frequency of 320 Mhz. (The highest of all known substances).

          Tainio’s work has also determined that the average frequency of the human body during the daytime is 62-68 Mhz. (A healthy body frequency is 62-72 Mhz.) So, what happens when we inhale essential oils? Does our body’s frequency rise? In Tanio’s frequency experiments the effects of coffee, were measured.  It was found that even holding a cup of coffee lowers one’s bodily frequency by 8 MHz and that taking a sip can lower one’s frequency by 14 MHz. If you are like me and cannot give up coffee, do not panic! The same experiment also shows that when essential oils are inhaled following the exposure to coffee, the bodily frequencies restore themselves in less than a minute, but if no oils are administered, it can take up to three days for the body to recover from even one drink of coffee.

What about prayers? Can prayer raise the oils frequency? Tainio experiments also revealed that the frequencies of oils are also affected by thoughts. Negative thought lowered the frequencies of the oils measured by 12 MHz while positive thoughts raised them by 10 MHz. In the other hand, positive thoughts raised the oils frequencies by 12 MHz. Oils that were prayed over showed even greater increase on its frequency, up to 15 MHz. We, IET practitioners, can appreciate the connection: We direct the IET energy ray by intent and prayer; essential oils magnify intent, and praying over oils raise their frequency. When we combine energy work and essential oils, and direct them to the area in the body we want to treat, the energy blockages stand no chance. They have to release and come out for healing.

          Another fascinating discovery I made in my research is that essential oils were used for healing by priests in ancient times. I found out that in Leviticus 14, which describes a cleansing ceremony performed by the priests for leprosy, a very interesting explanation of how the oils of Cedarwood and Hyssop were used. The priests were to take some oil and anoint the top of the leper’s right ear, the right thumb, and the right big toe. Isn’t it interesting the choices of these reflex points? Those of you familiar with reflexology probably know that the upper portion of the ear is the trigger point for the releasing emotional issues regarding the mother and father. Fears of the unknown and mental blocks to acquiring wisdom can be released by working the reflex points in the thumb. The big toe is where compulsive behavior can be cleared. What about the choices of Cedarwood and Hyssop for this clearing ceremony? Cedarwood is used in today’s aromatherapy to clear emotions of many kinds but particularly blockages related to the conceit of pride. Hyssop is a releaser of swallowed emotions and spiritual cleanser of past sin. Are we learning something new when we are discovering that our illnesses are connected to our emotions?  Probably not… Probably the ancient people understood the underlying emotional basis of degenerative disease and they also knew the emotional release points of the body.

          Why are the oils used in this ceremony mentioned in the Bible as well? If they were not important, why would they be there? I like to believe that when the Lord gave this ceremonial direction to Moses, he wanted to make sure that we would have them today: all the information we would need to heal ourselves and others.

          Another important factor to consider is the chemistry of essential oils. Although the chemical make up of an essential is rather complex for us to examine here, there are two components of this chemistry that play a significant role in our healing work. They are Sesquiterpenes and Monoterpenes.


Sesquiterpenes’ outstanding anti-inflammatory properties have recently been under serious study. Studies on sesquiterpenes to treat cancer, reveals that they can also erase or “deprogram” miswritten codes in the DNA: Again, a possibility that we can not disregard in using essentials oils for energy work purpose. Deprogramming miswritten codes in the DNA might be all that  takes for an effective clearing of cellular blockage. Oils high in sesquiterpenes are: Cedarwood (50%), Spikenard (93%), Sandalwood (Aloes) 90%, Black Pepper (30%), Patchouli (50%), Myrrh (39%), Ginger (55%) and Ylang Ylang (40%).


Monoterpenes are some of the smallest molecules in aromatherapy, very quick to come to the nose, and very quick to evaporate. The majority of the lemon scented oils fall into the high monoterpene category. (Lemon (87%), Orange (90%), Eucalyptus Dives, (30%), Grapefruit (96%) Others oils also high in monoterpene are Galbanum (80%), Angelica (73%), Hyssop ((70%), Peppermint (45%), Juniper (42%), Frankincense (40%), Spruce (38%), Pine (30%). Besides it’s their variety of healing properties, another important ability of the monoterpenes is that they can reprogram miswritten information in the cellular memory, which makes Essential oils high in monoterpenes ideal for use in energy working, while clearing old ideas or emotional patterns. All those oils high in Sesquiterpenes and Monoterpenes are included in the Essential Energy collection blends that I have developed.

          There is no doubt in my mind that essential oils play a major role in our effort to release emotional trauma, and may profoundly affect our mood and emotion. Essential oils stimulate the secretion of antibodies, neurotransmitters, endorphins, hormones, and enzymes in the human body. They are as alive as human beings are both, chemically and electrically.

         After a few years of experimentation, countless hours of channeling, dowsing, and testing; plus extensive research in the use of the Essential Oils by other cultures, as far back as the oils used during Biblical times,  I have developed ten (10) blends of Essential Oils to be used for emotional release.  The oils used in these blends were chosen carefully, considering their electrical vibrational frequencies,  their compatibility with each other, and, especially their compatibility with the cellular memory anatomy.  Furthermore, all oils high in Sesquiterpenes and Monoterpenes, mentioned above, were included in the Essential Energy Collection blends for their ability to re-structure DNA.

Oils For Emotional Release

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